PC Dynamics, Inc.

CEO / Founder, 1986-1999

As founder and lead developer, I created and marketed a suite of popular desktop utilities and screen savers sold primarily in traditional computer retail stores such as CompUSA, EggHead and Best Buy. Our products won numerous awards and frequently topped the charts in their respective genres.

And yes, I am the creator of the original Energizer Bunny Screensaver which became a monster hit back in the day; subsequently leading to a full line of screensavers, including NASCAR and many other famous-brand names.

Beyond development, my responsibilities included running sales and distribution, marketing, trade events, public relations, various legal and license negotiations, writing user guides and product packaging.

PC Dynamics grew to 15 employees with annual sales topping $5M at its peak.


Fun Fact

I started PC Dynamics after being asked at a New Year's party what my resolution was. Somehow I spontaneously blurted out that I would start my own company. I went into work the next day and quit my job.